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I need to start publishing site related news on this blog again as that is the exact reason I started this blog.

The honeymoon period is over with the new hosted servers and it is time to start fighting a few small fires that keep popping up with IIS and the site.  With the new horsepower, it is hardly noticable when an error occurs, but they are still happening (we knew we wouldn't be able to throw servers at this problem).  Hopefully I will find some solutions to the problems we are having this week and stabilize the site even more. 

Today I did however have a plesant surprise.  The Support folks emailed me letting me know they had caught a "Server Too Busy" error on the site and that they reset the worker process to get the site running again.  That was awesome to hear that someone else's eyes were watching the site.

Posted on Monday, October 16, 2006 1:57 AM Site News | Back to top

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