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While designing the outline for features of GWB 2.0, I realized that the Galleries piece is one of those that I am not sure ever did what we wanted. Because of this, I am going to create a image service provider for the system that will be configured for day one to work with Flickr. Flickr got it right and I have a feeling I won't if I created an image hosting service inside of GWB 2.0.

This will cause some issues if you are currently using the Galleries inside GWB 2.0. As many of us have found, Flickr works great with GWB 1.0 today, so if you want images now, I suggest starting a Flickr account today. As other services popup that have the API capabilitiesthat Flickr has, we will investigate integrating them as well for your use.

If anyone has any suggestions or complaints about this, please add a comment.

Posted on Monday, October 24, 2005 1:39 PM Site News | Back to top

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# re: To Flickr or not To Flickr
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I never had any luck with the builtin galleries, so I have been posting my images on my .MAC account. For my mobile images I have been using TextAmerica which has worked fine - but without the _tagging_ features that Flickr has. In fact, it is the tagging feature that has convinced me to swap over to Flickr. so I definitely support this action! Integration with my mobile image service is going to be sweet!
Left by Steve Hartzog on Oct 24, 2005 3:11 PM

# re: To Flickr or not To Flickr
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smugmug also has great APIs and I have tons of pics there. Would love to get them synched with the blog.
Left by Jason Coyne on Oct 25, 2005 11:18 PM

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